How To Choose A Commuter Bike – The Ultimate Guide


With the growing rise in traffic in the city, you might just think of getting a commuter bike for yourself to make the journey quite easier for you. There are different types of commuter bikes available in the market today. Using a commuter bike nit only saves you on gas money but also helps you exercise in between your busy schedule. Cycling is a good exercise and it has a lot of health benefits like helping your cardiovascular muscles and strengthening your bone and muscles. Daily cycling can improve your normal heart rate tremendously. A commuter bike should be easy to store and convenient for you to use at any given time.

Rider position
The rider position depends on the distance that you are covering to and from your daily commuting area. If you are covering a short distance then an upright and relaxed riding position is the right one for you. Most urban commuter bikes are fitted with this upright position to give you that relaxed feel. If you are commuting from a long distance then riding in a leaning position is recommended for you. This gives you the athletic feel and look and allows you to have that extra energy to move forward. The road triathlon and track bikes have this aggressive forward position. For the average commuters who ride at quite moderate distances, they should look for bikes that meet halfway through upright and leaning position.

Wheel size
The wheel size of your commuter bike dictates the kind of speed you will be going. A larger wheel size with a large diameter gives you a larger area to cover in just one turn. There are a few wheel sizes available in the market. We have the 28” which is by far the most common wheel on the market and most of the commuter riders prefer having it in their bikes as compared to the 29”. The smaller wheels are known to offer lower weight, great strength, and an easier maneuverability.

Availability of a rack
When you are commuting with your bike it is safe to assume that you will have luggage with you like the briefcase and some office documents. A good commuter bike should have a rack compartment to help you carry your bags and all your personal staff. You don’t want to ride a bike when you are still overloaded with bags and luggage that keep outweighing you all the time. Majority of the urban bikes have holes to mount a rack and some models come fitted with their own luggage rack.

Availability of a fender
A fender is a necessity if you are planning to use your commuter bike every day throughout any weather changes. Picture this getting into the office covered in mud and soaking wet. Not such a great picture is it now. Or worse still report to an interview while you are soaking wet you might end up losing the job even before you have one yet. There are some commuter bikes which come with fenders while others have a place to install them. There are a lot of styles to choose from in the market you just need to have a clear picture of the kind of fender you want to be installed on your bike plus it must be able to fit in your bike.

The style and appearance of the bike
Each and every one of us has different taste and style when it comes to basic stuff in life. The commuter bike is also not any different. Get a bike that flows with your preferences as a person and enjoys riding it along the streets.

We have seen a huge shift towards ‘foldable commuter bikes’ last year, users are choosing practicability over looks.

Paul Edwards, C-bikes

Whether you are an old school fun, sleek elegance kind of person, classic bike kind of look or the urban style most of the commuter bikes have this looks. Furthermore, the commuter bikes can be easily customized to your style at a very affordable price.

A commuter bike should be comfortable to use since you will be using as a means of transport almost every day. Getting a commuter bike that has a padded saddle that gives you the comfort you desire should be at the top of your list. Great handlebars with a great grip should be one of your priorities as they will reduce the chances of you losing your grip and causing an accident.

Your commuter bike should be in great shape and the brakes should be working at all times. Since most of the commuters are used in the urban areas or in town they need to be in great shape and offer you all the safety needed. There are two types of brakes that are mostly known to the commuter bike users; the rim brakes and the disc brakes. The rim brakes work by squeezing the two rubber pads that in turn squeezes the rim of your bike wheel hence slowing you down and eventually stops. These brakes are the most commonly used since they are reliable, responsive and easy to maintain. Additionally, the brakes are less expensive as compared to disc brakes. Disc brakes, on the other hand, are an advance from the development of technology. They are a protégé from the cars and motorcycles and developed to work in a bike. The disc brakes are catching on as they are easier to use and have less maintenance not to mention that they are reliable in all weather conditions. There are two types of disc brakes the hydraulic brakes and the mechanical brakes.

Gears in your commuter bike should be always working as this will limit you having cases of accidents. The gears should be in line with your daily routine rides for example if you usually climb a hill before reaching your destination. Your gears should be able to handle the change in terrain and serve you well without failure. To make it easier for you to ride your bike daily you should look for a bike with gears which are easy to maintain and that work without too many complications.

Finding the perfect commuter bike for you to use every day can be a struggle. Always keep in mind that your safety should be the first thing on the list.
All the best!