Mountain Biking – Why Is It Better?

In case you are trying to think about which subject is being compared to the title, it refers to road biking. Road biking is self-explanatory – the ones that ride their bike on the road. There is nothing wrong about road biking. In fact, the number of road bikers is even with those who love mountain biking. There are even bikers that do both. However, many of them will say that mountain biking is better, because of the following reasons:

No cars
This is the most obvious reason. Not a single vehicle will get in your way when you go mountain biking. Just imagine going to the mountains – have you ever seen hundreds of cars passing through there? All you will see and hear are the trees and the whizzing of the noisy steel coming from your bike while you run at 70 miles per hour.

It is better for your health
Road biking is also good for your health; it is just mountain biking is better. This is in references to the first reason – you do not need to share your riding experience with vehicles that are emitting C02 that can be harmful to your lungs.

You are surrounded by trees
This is also in continuation from the second reason, which means that the air that breezes through you as you keep running on your mountain bike is something that road bikers can never experience. You can never get an experience like being in the mountains. Others even joke how hitting a tree is less painful compared to getting hit by a running car.

It is peaceful.
The trails of mountain biking take you to places that are remote but mostly peaceful. You get to commune with nature and even meditate. You get to enjoy the amazing outdoors, too. This is what mountain bikers love – a rare opportunity to be with nature that you can’t-do with road biking. This is only so if you live in areas that have paved roads rarely used by hundreds of vehicles within the day.

There’s no competition.
In this sense, it means that you don’t feel competitive whenever you ride your mountain bike at the top of the mountains. The reason why this is the feeling is that most road bikers when seeing each other tends to compete on who’s the fastest. However, with mountain biking, most of those that you’ll meet are laid-back people. It is more about enjoying the good vibes and great laughs with your friends and other mountain bikers you’ll meet.

Gives you a great workout
Road riding enhances your cardiovascular health for the spinning done at a high cadence for a very long time. With mountain biking, it needs more dynamic fitness, starting from the quick bursts to the sustained output of cardio workout. This forces all the muscle groups in the body to work together. This is why some bikers show a lot of muscle compared to other bikers.