8 ways to care for and maintain your mountain bike

If you own a mountain bike then you certainly want to make it last a long time. After all, a new mountain bike can be a pricey purchase, so you have got to make sure that you are taking care of it properly. By taking care of your mountain bike properly, you can ensure that it will not break down anytime soon. Plus, proper care of your mountain bike is definitely the responsible thing to do. So how exactly do you maintain your mountain bike? What sorts of steps should you take if you want to keep it in good working condition? Well, these are the following things that you can do to maintain your mountain bike.

1. Checking the brake pads and replacing them every now and again should be your first priority. This is because over time the brake pads may wear down. And you will need to check it every so often to ensure that your bike is still safe to use.

2. Of course, you should always clean your mountain bike regularly too. Using some water and soap is the best method to cleaning your mountain bike.

3. Another thing that you should do to ensure that your mountain bike is still in good working condition is to check the air pressure of the tires. A frequent issue is when there is too little air in the tires. And this can cause your mountain bike to be hard to pedal.

4. Tightening brakes that sag should be another thing that you should do more often. If a brake loosens on your bike, then that can cause it to sage. You should get a screwdriver and then find the loose brakes on your mountain bike, and tighten them up.

5. Lubricate and oil up your mountain bike regularly as well. Have you heard any squeaky hinges or gears on your mountain bike lately? If that has happened, then you definitely need to oil up your mountain bike. If you do not lubricate your mountain bike’s gears then that can cause a lot of damage over time.

6. letting your mountain bike get serviced by professionals every year or so is also something that you need to do. This is because a mountain bike can develop a lot of issues over time if you do not get it serviced. Getting it looked at by a professional can also ensure that any small problems get spotted and fixed early on.

7. Bike oil can get pretty stick to handle. So you may want to invest in some latex gloves if you want to oil your bike up yourself. Wearing latex gloves while you are oiling your mountain bike up will ensure that it will be much easier to fix your bike without dirtying your own hands.

8. Mountain bike tires should also not be overinflated. Overinflating the tires can lead to a lot of mechanical problems with your bike. You should check just how much air pressure your mountain bike tire can handle before you fill it up with air.